Monday, November 3, 2014

Wine and Dine Festival

Over the weekend, I took my first foray into the world of the Wine and Dine Festival.  

My final thoughts:

1.  To get to the venue was a long journey in itself.  We literally walked the old Hong Kong Airport's runway.  I guess that was a good decision on the part of the organizers.  This way, everyone leaving the event could walk off their wine buzzes.

2.  The live music is what really made the night feel so festive.

3.  I'm not much of a drinker nowadays, but it was so impressive to see the selection of wines (it was really nice to see some Napa Valley wines!).  The cool thing about the wine tasting was that you could select samples ranging from 1 token to 3 tokens (maybe more?).  But, my companions had an awesome time sampling everything, which made me wish I could sample a little sip here and there too.

4.  I mainly partook in the Dine part of the festival as I dove into the sampling of all the foods that were available.

5.  We were all discussing how it was probably the best idea that a bunch of us went together.  That way, we could hold down a table, send some folks out to get food, then send some folks out to get drinks, and then send some folks out for the restocking/refilling of our evenings supplements.

Definitely a great festival to look forward to in Hong Kong's near future!