Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Education Road

The locals call Kau Yuk Road "Education Road".  At one end of the street, there are a gathering of Primary and Secondary schools, hence the name.  Beyond these Educational Institutes are some of Yuen Long's most popular assortment of eateries.

When I first moved to Yuen Long, a lot of people were telling me that it was famous for its food.  I've come to really believe that!

NOTE:  Lunch time on Education Road means there will be hundreds of students at every eatery.  Dinner time on Education Road means there will be hundreds of people at every eatery.  It's a great place to be when you want to see which places are popular (you'll be signaled of that by the long waiting lines).

Intersection of Yuen Long Tai Yuk Road and Kau Yuk Road (where all the schools are)
For breakfast, there are a great deal of options to find in the wee hours of the morning.  There are the local canteens, which have the usual:  toast, eggs, sausages, noodles, and milk teas.  The canteens are a great place for simple, hot, delicious food.  It's also a great place to read the newspaper, which most people do for the morning.  

NOTE:  On Education Road, there are a few canteens that have lines.  We were out here at 7 am and there was already a line forming of five families.

There are also the usual dim sum places, which are always a great option when in Yuen Long…or Hong Kong, for that matter.

Dim Sum is a great option because there are a great variety of things you can try and also have the option to be adventurous with your options.  It's also a great meal for breakfast or lunch.

NOTE:  There may also be a line at the dim sum places because they are easy and quick meals.

Cafes are also really popular (seen below).  I think it's wonderful that you can sit outside.  Plus, this place is dog-friendly.

Kau Yuk Road also has some of Yuen Long's most popular Japanese restaurants.  There is an omelet rice place nearer to the schools, a ramen place that is amazing (pictured below), and several sushi places, which all have the prerequisite line-up at dinner time.

If you are also looking for just a quick pastry for your morning coffee or commute (or an afternoon tea snack), there are also a few bakeries on the street.  The Golden Peach Bakery is one that I've been to for their egg tarts, which I think are the best in Yuen Long. 

For breakfast, one of my favorite places to head to is this place (see below).  It's a canteen.  A few years ago, the food wasn't so great, but, over the years, they'd gotten a new chef and that's the reason I returned!  This place is often times busy, but it's worth the wait.

The breakfast has the usual sets, where you can choose which meal you'd like and a drink.  I've never been here on my own, so I haven't really checked if there was an English menu.  Check out my recommendation below, though!

Most times, I order the fish fillet with toast (blueberry jam), scrambled eggs, and a side salad.

My husband usually gets the bacon, sausage, ham, toast, scrambled egg, baked beans, and salad meal.

The best part, besides the food, for me, is that this place isn't as crowded as some other eateries.  Though we're sitting at tables pretty close to other patrons, we still have a good enough amount of personal space.

The restaurants and eateries extend the length of Kau Yuk Road.  There is Citimall at the other end of the road.  I'm not too sure if that part of Kau Yuk Road is still deemed a section of Education Road, but there are definitely places to eat around there as well.

***Views of Education Road and Our Morning Walk***