Friday, February 20, 2015

Seattle: Loom Knitting Season

My mother recently started a loom knitting project which she learned from a friend.  This friend of hers loom knits hundreds of hats a year and donates them to local homeless shelters and to patients at local hospitals.  My mother and her friends have been doing loom knitting circles at each others' homes for the past few months since learning how to loom knit.

The ladies were quite busy during Super Bowl season, making loads of Seahawk blue/green beanies.

When she told me this, it reminded me of How to Make An American Quilt.  It is actually such a great idea for people to get together, chat, and knit.

And...wasn't it Isaac Mizrahi who said it was best to get to know someone or bond with someone whilst doing something together?

Since I am currently back in Seattle, I thought I would give this loom knitting a try.

Things I've Learned From Loom Knitting:
1.  It cuts the time to knit a hat in HALF
2.  Those reams/spools/balls of yarn are called skeins
3.  My dual colored skein made a striped pattern
4.  It took me 4 hours (on and off) to make my first hat
5.  It now takes me 2 hours to make a hat
6.  I think I could totally help out with the donation of hats by making a hat a day!

So, that's what I've been up to for the past few the jet lag has been overwhelming me.

My first loom knit beanie