Friday, February 27, 2015

Seattle: Pike's Place Public Market

I would say that one of the most famous tourist spots in Seattle is Pike's Place Public Market.  It's a mostly indoor mixed market (part farmer's market, flower market, and local handicrafts market) where you can find seafood for sale, fruits and veggies, sausages, cheeses, seasonal fresh/dried flowers, tourist tees, artistic tees, paintings, wooden pens, handmade jewelry, and more!

I think I could spend an entire morning and part of the afternoon just wandering around Pike's Place looking out onto the waterfront, window shopping all of the booths, and eating things.

Post Alley runs along the Public Market and it also has a lot of great shops and eateries to check out.

Beecher's Handmade Cheese Shop Window

Shops along Post Alley

Shops along Post Alley

View of Pike's Place Public Market

Tiles on the floor of Pike's Place Public Market

By the way:  Seattle's Pike's Place Public Market is also incredibly famous for the fish that are thrown in the Fish Market.  If you are ordering up a Salmon, one of the fish guys will toss it back to someone to weigh and wrap.

Fun Fact:  Pike's Place is ALSO famous for having the original Starbucks, which opened up in 1971.  It's always bustling with customers, but the service is ALSO always fast.

Below Pike's Place Public Market, there is also the famous Gum Wall, just have to see...and perhaps leave your own bit of gum on.

The View from the Market

There are shops below the market, as well.  They have some really awesome antique/collectable type of shops, some tourist souvenir buying shops, and also a lot of oddity type of shops that really warrant a look see.

Since being back in Seattle, we've been to Pike's Place a few times...mainly for the oysters.  Actually, we're making our way around to all of the eateries just to sample all that the area has to offer.  It's been really great playing the tourist.

This is definitely a great way to sample what the Seattle area has to offer (in every way)!