Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Seattle: Alki

The beaches in the Seattle area are absolutely breathtaking, especially those that look out onto Puget Sound.

Alki Beach is perhaps the most convenient for me to get out to and has a pretty long paved trail that runs along the water.  There's a trail for walking and one for biking.  Most of the path is pretty smooth and great for rollerblading.

Back in the day, I would skate from end to end, listen to my iPod (does anyone have these anymore?) and work on my form.  Being back, it seems like it's still a great haven for a few rollerbladers.

Alki's view spans from Seattle to Bainbridge Island and then to Vashon Island.  Sometimes you can see little seal pups on the beaches.  And, once, long long ago, I saw a pod of orcas swimming through the Puget Sound on a cold winter's day.

***Alki on an overcast day***

The past few weeks, I have been starting at the Luna Park end of Alki, which is where the West Seattle Bridge and Salty's Waterfront Seafood Grill is.  This end of Alki also looks out onto Seattle's downtown area.  It's a beautiful place to take photos and also just picnic on the little green hills.

The first round of photos is of Alki on quite a typical Seattle day, which is overcast with lovely thick clouds.

The Bathhouse on Alki is a great little event space.  I've been here a few times when people have rented out the space for painting parties.

One landmark of Alki is the mini statue of liberty that looks out onto the Puget Sound.

Fun Fact:  The Alki Bakery has shut down.  Fatburger has taken its place.  And a little ways down 61st Ave. SW is the Log House Museum.  It was closed on this day, but they are open and free for viewing on the first Thursdays of each month.

Alki can be broken up into two parts.  Along one side of the road is the beach and the biking trail.  The other side of the road are the condos, houses, neighborhood, restaurants, and cafes (photo below).

The Alki Lighthouse is another landmark of Alki.

If meeting friends, I always say, "Let's meet on the Lighthouse side of Alki" or "Let's meet on the Seattle side of Alki."  The Alki Lighthouse is a little ways walk beyond this end of Alki beach (picture below).  It only opens during the summer months, but it is a beautiful little lighthouse that can be toured.

Since high school, my friends and I have always gone for burgers and fries at Pepperdocks.  It's so lowkey and chill.  Plus, in my opinion, they have a great stream of music always playing.  When it's sunny, the assortment of ice creams makes this place a good pit stop before continuing to stroll along the beach too.

Every year that we come back, my husband and I make it a point to have lunch over at Pepperdocks.  And the burgers and onion rings were just as awesome as I remembered them.

***Alki on a glorious sunny day***

Today, we went back for a morning skate on Alki.  It was sunny and bright and lovely!  So, why not show you all how beautiful Seattle is on an amazingly sunny day!

During the weekends, a sunny day would normally bring droves of people down to Alki.  But, since it is the middle of the week, it was nice to have the entire strip to ourselves.

On this day, we parked nearer the Alki Lighthouse end of Alki and skated towards the Luna Park end of Alki.

The cherry blossoms are blooming all over the city!

The little monument marking Alki as the birthplace of Seattle.

Another place we used to frequent a lot during high school was Pegasus.  It was a great place for pizza.

For those of you who love to bbq with friends, there are a limited number of bbq "pits" along the beach.

NOTE:  There are a few places along the beach that offer rentals for bikes and skates...even paddleboards!!!

I love it down here.  The trail is a rollerblader's paradise because of the view, the smooth pavement, and the bike "only" trail.