Friday, March 6, 2015

Seattle: Gameworks




Something fun to do at night is to take a trip down to Gameworks on 7th (between Pike St. and Pine St.) and play some good ole arcade games.  It, I would say, gives me the same thrill as a visit to the casinos around the area and it offers a pretty good menu of food and drink.

Cantina Street Fries


Jalapeno and Cheese Torpedos
Play Your Way Thursdays @ Gameworks:
A great time to go to Gameworks is on Thursdays.  For $10, you can have unlimited play from 7pm until closing.  The deal is called Play Your Way Thursdays.  It's really an awesome deal for those of you who want to unwind with friends after a long day of work.

Note:  Play Your Way Thursdays deal doesn't extend to the ticket games.  Those you have to put extra money/credits onto your Gameworks card to play for ticket/prizes.

Back in high school, we would head to Gameworks for the Dance Dance Revolution and racing games, but now I quite enjoy any game that gives me tickets to collect for prizes.  These are also my favorite types of games to play at the arcades/game centers in Hong Kong.  There were four of us, so we were all working towards getting a prize that was more than just Air Heads or Skittles!

The great thing about Gameworks is that they also have a few good arcade games that we used to play as kids in the bowling alley back in Honolulu.  Street Fighter anyone?

There are also a few pinball machines that really brought me back to childhood (South Park pinball game...and this Sopranos one)

Actually, when I got my first computer back in high school, it came with a pin ball game and I was on that thing day and night.

The shooting games are also one of my favorites.  Every time we used to go to Gameworks, we would have to play House of the Dead at least a few times.  The graphics used to be so awesome to me.  Ha!  Because we had all night of unlimited play, we tried out all of the shooting games just to see if we could beat any of them before someone else wanted to have a go.

Note:  The UFO/Crane Games also cost extra.

Gameworks is a really great thing to check out when in Seattle, especially with a bunch of friends!  ...and for those who are looking for a fun date night idea!