Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Seattle: Kamikaze Falls

If you like the great outdoors and you want to experience the what the Pacific Northwest has to offer, I would definitely suggest driving out to one of the trailheads around the North Bend area and spending the day hiking.  There are trails that range from novice to advance around there.

Some trails in the North Bend area:
1.  Little Si
5.  Mailbox Peak (which I have on my bucket list)

Most of the hikes I listed are great for a day hike and have amazing Pacific Northwest scenery.  The Mailbox Peak is something that I hope to do in the near future.  It'll be a longer day hike than the rest, but it's deemed one of the greatest hikes in the Seattle area.  Legend has it that it is the hike that will set off your passion for hiking bigger and grander mountains (Mt. Rainier!  Patagonia!  Everest!). 

NOTE:  A website I use for first account trip reports and the latest on Washington's hiking trails is the Washington Trails Association site.

Teneriffe Falls is also known as Kamikaze Falls.  It's a fairly easy trail to hike with moderate inclines and clearly marked paths.  There is a bit of rocky slopes and switchbacks in the middle of the hike, but it's manageable (being a novice hiker myself).  The overall hike took us about two hours (6 miles) at a leisurely pace.

Rocky part of the trail

The view!

Before you know it, you can hear the rushing waters of Kamikaze Falls.  We crossed over the falls and had lunch on the rocks beyond.  We went midweek, so there were a good few number of hikers lunching on the rocks.  Most hikers did the trail and headed back after reaching the falls.

NOTE:  There are no trash bins, so be sure to bring litter bags and KEEP THE TRAILS CLEAN!

A view up at Kamikaze Falls

A view down Kamakaze Falls

Fun Fact:  If this hike doesn't get you sweating, you can walk/drive back over to the Little Si trailhead, which is along the same road.

Rocky slopes of the Kamikaze Fall trail

Lovely moss!

The beautiful forests of the Kamikaze Falls trail
Writing about this hike actually made me think of another similarity between Hong Kong and Seattle:  The hiking trails.

The Seattle area trails are lovely!  The Hong Kong trails are also lovely.

I feel so incredibly lucky to be able to have trails that are easily accessible!

NOTE:  You will need a Washington State Parks Pass/Discover Pass for parking.  The passes can be purchased online and last for a year.