Friday, March 20, 2015

Seattle: Day Trip to Bainbridge Island

One similarity between Seattle and Hong Kong is that you can be ferried to other islands on a pretty routine schedule.

Bainbridge Island is easily accessible from the Seattle via the Bainbridge Island Ferry.  Mostly, my family heads out to Bainbridge Island when friends and family visit.  We head to Bainbridge for:

1.  Shopping at the shops

2.  Sampling the local eateries

3.  Checking out the historical sites

From the ferry pier, the downtown area is a short drive away.  You don't really need a car if you are going to hang out around the downtown area, where a lot of the shops and restaurants are located.  A lot of people, especially during the summer, bring bikes over on the ferry and bike around the island.

Walking around the Marina area is beautiful.  There is a beautiful little boardwalk which also leads to a beautiful little nature trail along the water.  For those who like to photograph interesting things and for those who like to take group/couple/selfie shots next to beautiful things, the Marina is THE place for that.

We had a late lunch at Pegasus, which is a little ways away from the Marina.  

During the afternoon, we drove around Bainbridge Island, took Highway 305 North towards Poulsbo, saw a sign for a tourist attraction, turned onto Suquamish Way NE, and dropped in at the Suquamish Museum.  The museum is on the Kitsap Penunsula, which is right off of the Island, but not that far from the Island.

The Suquamish Museum is a pretty awesome museum, which tells of the history of the Suquamish tribe.  It looks so incredibly new and well maintained.  It was a definitely a great place to stop on our day trip to Bainbridge Island.

Suquamish Museum Info:
Winter Hours
Open Wednesdays - Sundays
Open from 10 am - 5pm
Adult Admission $5

Something else that is awesome to pay homage to is the grave of Chief Sealth, whom Seattle was named after.

Chief Sealth was know for having established friendly relations between his tribe and the white settlers around the area.  He is also known for forming a personal relationship with David "Doc" Maynard, who was one of the founding fathers of the City of Seattle.

As Chief Sealth's tribe was slowly being forced out of their lands by the Snohomish tribe and settlements of the incoming settlers, Doc Maynard helped persuade the settlers to name the blossoming town Seattle.  This act showed support of the Duwahmish tribe and also established a line of respect for the Duwahmish people's land rights.

Chief Sealth Grave Info:
7076 NE South St.
Suquamish, WA 98392

If you are feeling the itch to travel a bit farther out of Seattle, taking a ferry ride over to Brainbridge Island is a great day-get-away option!