Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Late Night Thai

I love Thai food!

We're back in Tsim Sha Tsui (TST) again.

TST has so many places to eat late at night.  One place to find seats is at one of the restaurants in iSquare.  There are actually quite a few really great restaurants to dine at that aren't as crowded as those on Hau Fook Street or Granville Road.

Today's blog post is about the New Bangkok Thai Restaurant.

The New Bangkok Restaurant is located on the 6th Floor of iSquare.  It opens until 11 pm, which is a pretty good time for a late dinner.  We got here a little after 9 pm and had plenty of seats.

It isn't anything fancy, which I thought it would be because it was located in iSquare.  It was sort of like all the other Thai places that I'd tried in Hong Kong:  with the paper placemats and the usual meal-ware.

We ordered a large Tom Yum Goong Soup, which is a lovely spicy/sour soup with prawns.

I got an iced coconut milk beverage, which was pretty nice to drink.  Usually, I'd get a Coke, but this was a nice change.

The second dish we got was Fried Pineapple Rice with Seafood, which came in half of a pineapple.  This was a bit dry, but had a good ratio of seafood to rice.

One of the appetizers that we had ordered as a side dish were the Spring Rolls.  This was so delicious!  I love how these Spring Rolls didn't fail me in the taste department.

The last dish we got was a mix of meaty skewers.  We were all feeling meat, so this was probably the first dish devoured.  Nice, delicious, and came with a really awesome satay sauce.

The service here was really quick and accommodating.  They even offered to take photos of my friends and I on our girl's night out, which was so thoughtful.  But, the meal was, overall, pretty tasty.  I was hungry and the spread totally killed that hunger.

Some other pluses:
1.  It was a nice and clean little restaurant.

2.  There was an "outside" patio sitting area, which was nice to people watch at.

3.  It was lovely and air conditioned, which is perfect for a hot Hong Kong day.

4.  The food came in a family-style way where you can share the dishes, which I always appreciate about living out here in Asia.

5.  And the MTR is right downstairs!!!!

I'm thinking that I'll try the TST iSquare restaurants more.  I mean, the best part of trying the restaurants in iSquare is that you can directly walk down to the MTR (which is connected to iSquare) after the meal without going out onto the crowded streets.  And sometimes that is just plain nice.