Monday, November 16, 2015

Girls' Night Out

I love having a Girls' Night Out.  It makes me feel like I'm in an episode of Sex and the City most times because there are four of us and, most of the time, we are talking about everything under the sun over a meal.

Tonight, we headed over to Jordan, upon someone's recommendation and tried out Ah Lung Pakistan Halal Food.  It was quite near to Jordan MTR Exit A.  And it was quite easy to find along the small neighborhood streets of Jordan.

G/F 95B Woosung Street
Jordon, Kowloon

2782 - 1635

People eat and go here, so the wait isn't more than 10 minutes (in my one night's experience)!

We actually ordered two curry dishes (both came with rice).  We got a potato curry and one beef curry (the beef curry is in the photo below).

The potato was probably my favorite because it retained more of the spice level that we asked for.  The beef curry was pretty all right, but it had too much fat on it for my liking.

1.  I loved the cozy cramped style of the restaurant.  It really felt quite local.  There was a line, but, again, it wasn't that long of a wait.

2.  The food was pretty good.  I'm not too fussy about the taste of my food, but I'd totally return here because the taste was all right.

3.  The proportions were perfect for us.  I think we all have quite small stomachs, so splitting two curries with rice amongst the four of us was perfect.

Afterwards, we took a walk along Jordon and over to Austin (about) and looked for our next destination:  Royal Dessert!

There's always room for dessert…!

The wait for seats here was about 10 minutes as well.  This place was just as packed as the Pakistani restaurant we had dinner at.  Mind, this was a Friday night around 9 or 10 pm.  So, it was the peak time for people to be out and about dining and enjoying life!

This place also came highly recommended by one of my friend's friends.

Royal Dessert Info:
G/F 23 Man Wai Street
Jordon, Kowloon

2782 - 2278

There were so many things recommended and so many other options available on the menu.  It was quite overwhelming.

Each of us got a different dessert, so we could share the experience of having four different desserts!

The first was a milk pudding with sesame tang yuan in a coconut.

The second was another milky dessert with watermelons, vanilla ice cream, and tapioca pearls.

Mine was a Taiwanese ice chocolate ice cream dessert with red beans, mini mochi balls, and sprinkles.

The last one was a mini chocolate volcano cake with chocolate and vanilla ice cream.

1.  I loved this dessert house.  I really loved the cramped space.  It gives quite the Hong Kong-local-neighborhood type of feel.

2.  The desserts were awesome…I am totally up for ice cream all day every day….as the Fall weather is finally approaching and Ice Cream's time is almost up!

3.  There was no rush for us to order.  There was no rush for us to eat.  And there was no rush for us to go.  Though people came, ate, and left quite frequently, there seemed to be enough space for everyone.

It's been quite a busy couple of weeks for me, so it was so incredibly lovely to get out with the girls and just catch up with everything.

This little adventure into Jordan makes me want to see what else that district has to offer.