Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Yuen Long Dim Sum

I think this place used to be a furniture shop, but sometime over the summer, a new restaurant opened up right next to the Yuen Long West Bus Terminal.  

I've only been here for dim sum, but, they seem like one of those restaurants that hosts big family banquets.  

I'm talking about Hang Heung Seafood Restaurant:
Shop L, G/F - 1/F Shun Fat Mansion
17 Kik Yeung Road
Yuen Long

7:00 am - 11:30 pm daily

3568 - 9138

How to get here:
1.  From Long Ping MTR Station Exit B, walk along the skyway all the way to the the Yuen Long West Bus Terminal
2.  The restaurant can be seen on the left side (2 - 3 minutes walk)
3.  Walk down the stairs to the Yuen Long West Bus Terminal
4.  7-Eleven will be on the left side
5.  Walk past 7-Eleven 
6.  Hang Heung Seafood Restaurant is left around the corner from 7-Eleven (30 second - 1 minute walk)

This place is like your usual dim sum restaurant.  When you first sit down, the wait staff ask you what type of tea that you want.  When you get your teapot and hot water pot, then you sit and clean the cups, bowls, spoons, etc.

I was told that it was a sort of tradition.  Or it was just apart of the eating culture.  When we eat out at the dai pai dongs, we also wash all of our eat-ware with hot tea.  I think, nowadays, it is just to rinse the dishwashing machine detergent off, perhaps...

This place gets pretty packed in the mornings for dim sum.  Like most dim sum places, as well, there are tables where you are sat with other patrons.  It's quite the fun experience.  We just read newspapers, people watch, and enjoy the morning of drinking tea and eating.

To order the dim sum dishes, you usually have to tick a bunch of boxes of the dishes that you like.  I don't read Chinese, but my husband does.  So, usually he orders all the usual things that I love.  Since there were four of us this morning, we were able to try a bunch more dishes.

Some new dishes that we tried…rice noodles with side sauces...

…chicken's feet…which one of my friends got me into when I last went to Tim Ho Wan with her and her husband.

…fish stomach with bits of shrimp…

…and a veggie dumpling…

It's always nice to try out new dim sum dishes.

I've been to Hang Heung Seafood Restaurant quite a few mornings since the place opened.  It's sort of become a regular dim sum joint for us.  So, if you are looking for a dim sum place other than the Yuen Long Plaza, this is a good one to try.  The dishes are quite inexpensive, the environment is pretty chilled, and there is a beautiful "display" of fish as you enter the eating area.

***Display = fish on display that will later be cooked up