Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Afternoon Tea @ Angelina Paris

I feel like, over the past month, I've just let myself indulge in everything delicious.  For example, I completely devoured 85% of my gingerbread Christmas Tree in three days.  Every bite was a sugar rush.

This feeling could be a mix of pushing myself too hard to feel the Christmasy Spirit in Hong Kong…The major reason, though is probably because there was so much sweets and treats displayed all over the grocery stores.  Seriously, at every grocery store, there were displays of Ferrero Rochers, Cadbury(s), Lindts and all the rest just taunting passerbyers to buy them.  The special Christmas Sections were all decorated so amazingly with boxes stacked ceiling high!

The need to indulge could have also stemmed from wanting to experience the British Christmas traditions (alongside my American traditions) of eating minced pies, Christmas puddings and especially getting a milk chocolate treat daily from my Advent calendar. 

Though the feeling of guilt has slowly been eating away at me, today, I still found myself indulging in something worth insulting in!

To celebrate the holidays, my coworkers and I went over to the IFC Mall's Angelina Paris for a decadent splurge on afternoon tea treats.

Angelina Paris Info:
Shop 3025 - 3026/ 3031 - 3070 IFC Mall
1 Harbour View Street

The entrance to Angelina Paris is inside of the IFC's Lane Crawford.

10 am - 11 pm daily

3188 - 0842

We didn't make reservations because it was a 2:30 pm on a weekday.  But, I would totally make reservations beforehand just to make sure to have a seat (because I am just that type of person).

We had got a seat right at the window, which was beautiful!  I felt so lucky that we could look out onto Victoria Harbour and enjoy our sweet treats.

The view of Angelina's decor was not bad either.

Because we were there for afternoon tea, we were mostly there to try out the pastries.

Most of the pastries were displayed in the front of the eatery, which the lovely staff were so kind enough to introduce to me when I went over there to take photos of everything.

One of my coworkers had been to the Angelina in Paris and said that it was famous for its L'Africain hot chocolate.  She said it was like drinking pure chocolate, which I was quite excited about.  But, to combat the richness that she told me about, I got a side of lemonade and water.

For the four of us, we split two servings of the L'Africain hot chocolate, which came with a side of whipped creme.  I could only get through one serving with my pastry, but it was the most decadent hot chocolate that I had ever tasted.  It was also perfect for the slightly chilly day!

Another thing that Angelina is known for is their signature Le Mont Blanc pastry, which is a meringue filled, chestnut cream topped delicious delight.  It, like the L'Africain hot chocolate, was rich beyond words…which is a good thing when you have a side of water!

I usually get whatever is the signature on menus…and I'm glad I did because it made me want to come back and try the other pastries.

Some other pastries we got were the Flore…vanilla mousse-filled and raspberry-centered pastry...

…the Negresco…meringue and dark chocolate mousse-filled…dark chocolate covered pastry…

…and the Tarte Citron…lemon creme filled topped with marshmallows...

Though the highlight was spending some quality time with my coworkers, it was such a nice treat for the holidays to take a trip into Angelina Paris.

This is most definitely a place that I'll return to for a bit of afternoon tea!