Wednesday, December 2, 2015

New Ornaments 2015

One of the traditions that my little family has is to get a new Christmas ornament every Christmas.  It's been a tradition that we started about 5 years ago, or whenever I discovered The Red Brick House at the Kam Sheung Road MTR stop!

Last weekend, after Thanksgiving, we put up our Christmas tree, sans the lights (which we couldn't find the exact bulb that blew out)…we put out our stockings, and I put up our magically gold and glittering Christmas stag.  The apartment feels so much more Christmasy and homey.  I love it!

The awesome thing about the Red Brick House's selection of ornaments (even the ornaments around the flea market at Kam Sheng Road MTR station) is that there seems to be a lot of one-of-a-kind sort of ornaments.

This year, I got a wrapped gift as my ornament!  I was attracted by the glittering ribbon and bow.  I love how it looks worn…that's probably the best part for me!

I also love how the Christmas gift is so simple.  Last year, I got a nutcracker, in honor of the ballet.  The year before that, I got a frosted ice cream cone.  So, I thought it was time to get something a bit less flashy, but "FLASHY" in a more subtle way!

My husband got a chubby Santa, which totally matches most of the ornaments he gets yearly…anything round!  I love how this santa is made of rubber or plastic!  So, when it dropped, it just bounced a bit, but didn't break!  How lovely!  I especially loved how this chubby Santa was holding a micro-mini Christmas tree in his left hand.

I love these two new additions to our tree!  The tree, by the way, I got when I first moved to Hong Kong.  I got it from Sham Shui Po.  Around this time of the year, Sham Shui Po's Fuk Wa and Fuk Wing Streets are FILLED with CHRISTMAS trees, decorations, and ornaments.  All of them are your average bobbles, which are definitely of the TEMPORARY-shelf life status.  But, it's good when you are just starting out in the Christmas decorating department (which I was totally back in the day).

It's been a great tradition that I really look forward to ever year.  Pretty soon, our 4 foot faux tree will be filled with ornaments and memories of getting those ornaments!

So far, this Christmas season…

1.  The shopping malls have been starting to showcase their lovely Christmas decorations!

2.  The grocery stores are playing Christmas music round the clock!

3.  People are shopping for gifts!

4.  And I'm in the process of writing Christmas cards!

It's been a good season thus far!