Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Afternoon Tea @ Dalloyau

What better way to celebrate an overcast day than to have afternoon tea with a friend at Dalloyau La Boutique in Harbour City. We'd walked by this place once before and it totally stuck in my mind that I had to try it one day.  And that day has come!

Dalloyau Info:

Shop 403, Level 4 Ocean Centre, Harbour City
Tsim Sha Tsui

Daily from Noon to 10 pm

***Do make reservations:  3185 - 8338***

Dalloyau is a is a French culinary brand that has 300 years of history.  Reading up on it online, the Boutique offers a selection of chocolates, cakes, and pastries.  The Cafe offers light "French fare," afternoon tea (which we opted for) and a selection of non/alcoholic drinks.

We started out with petit sandwiches and a little puff pastry.  The highlight of the first tier, for myself, was the truffle sandwich.  I just love the taste of truffles, even if it is just an infusion into something.  There is just something about the flavor that takes me back to when my sister and I backpacked through Italy.  I just loved it!

The second tier was all lovely and tasty.  I couldn't really choose anyone that really caught my tastebuds, but they were all really delicious.

The bottom tier had a really nice chocolate ganache, which I really enjoyed.  We got a scone set a bit through the middle of our afternoon tea.  It was a nice little surprise…and break from eating all of those sweets.  The scones were quite nice.  I have no complaints about them.  The strawberry jam that it came with, though, was quite nice!

I saved my opera cake for last because it was the main thing that I had wanted to try after learning that Dalloyau was the inventor of this cake.

Fun Fact:  Dalloyau is credited with the creation of the opera cake.  The story behind this cake is that it was invented in 1955 by Cyriaque Gavillon.  His wife, upon eating the cake for the first time said that it reminded her of the opera.  Thusly, it was named an opera cake.  Cyriaque Gavillon had set out to create a new cake shape that had layers of chocolate, coffee, and almonds.  He had wanted to have all these flavors intermingling with just one bit.

1.  I already have in mind to bring my mother here when she comes to visit in a few months.

2.  I love how the staff explained all the sweets and savories to us when they brought out our afternoon tea set.

3.  I really enjoyed the environment, though it was quite open seating (where you are pretty close beside another small party of people) it still felt quite private.

4.  I really enjoyed my afternoon tea.  It was filling and lovely and left me in a great mood!