Monday, December 14, 2015

Duddell Street Starbucks

'Tis the season to get back on the afternoon tea train.  My friend told me that there was a themed 1970s Hong Kong Starbucks in Central.  I thought that Mong Kok was the only place where there was an old Hong Kong themed Starbucks!  So, I was totally up for checking this place out.

This Starbucks is located on Duddell Street in Central.  It seems more of a tourist draw than a local draw, but it was more spacious than a lot of the Starubucks Coffees up here in the New Territories.

The unique thing about the Duddle Street Starbucks was the special menu featuring some of Hong Kong's famous local afternoon tea treats.  Egg tart anyone!

The inside of this Starbucks is totally old Hong Kong.

The cafe is split into two sections, the old section (pictured below) and the normal section (which is right next to the bar).

Everything from the tiling on the floor to the beads that drape over the doorway to the restroom are quite retro.

There is even a menu posted on the walls next to some 1970s wall art.

The cups, though, are the same…for this time of year.

We got a seat in one of the booths, which was really a great place to spread out.

Beyond the window panes of the "old section" of the cafe were some 1970s paraphernalia, which looks like you are looking out onto a 1970's Hong Kong street.

I would have never known this place existed.  I've been around Duddell Street a lot, but never thought that inside lurked a Starbucks so unique that it would make me want to trudge out here to get a cup of Joe when I am in the area.

I shall definitely be seeing you again!