Thursday, June 19, 2014

O Veg @ Kam Tin

Out in the middle of nowhere is an organic vegetarian restaurant called O Veg.

O Veg Info:
G/F 53 Tai Kong Po
Kam Tin (Yuen Long)
2893 - 3037
Open from 6:30 pm - 10:30 pm

How to get there:
1.  From Kam Sheung Road MTR, grab a taxi
2.  Call O Veg and ask them to tell the taxi driver where to drop you off
3.  You'll be dropped off on Kam Tai Road (photo below)
4.  From there, call O Veg and they will direct you along a pathway to their restaurant (makeshift video above)

It's actually quite easy to get to!

My first impression was, "Wow, it feels like we had just trekked a long way through the Africa savanna and are now stopped for the evening.  It feels like our guides organized a luxury feast for us to partake in along the safari and we're still alert for lions, tigers, or other dangerous creatures."

I found myself at O Veg celebrating LIFE with my husband and our in-laws.  It was the first time I had ever been there, so it was a totally new experience for me.

The hodgepodge of tables are set up in little wooden shacks that are adorned with quirky souvenirs from around the world:  Tribal masks, a didgeridoo, an old record player, which played music from another time...which was what contributed to the beautifully romantic ambiance.

Surrounding our shack was wilderness as far as the eyes could see.  The pure recollection of this makes me want to return to explore the area more.

Lime infused water

Freshly made bread and pumpkin/beet soup

Salad with fruits from the local organic farms

Entree of quinoa, roasted vegetables, and chestnuts

Dessert of match freshly made ice cream (which doesn't look quite as appetizing here, but it was delicious) and a lemon tart
There was no menu, which made the experience more unique!  The chef cooked what was available and seasonal (which is so Kam Tin to me) and served it.  Every chef or assistant who came by would explain what the meal was comprised of, which I thought was so considerate.  I think everything was equally delicious.  I can't choose any one as being my favorite.  They all went so well together.

After two hours of laughter and talking about the past, it was time to leave.  My last impression of O Veg was, "Wow...I felt like I was one of Vianne's guests who were fully indulging in one of her chocolate drenched feasts..."

I truly felt like I had entered a time warp...journeyed to another country...

This was a great place to celebrate our special occasion!  The entire experience was so lovely!