Sunday, June 8, 2014

Over The Weekend #1: PMQ

I love Night Markets.  When I was younger, my friends and I would drive up to Vancouver just to visit the Night Markets...and engage in some hysterical karaoke sessions before driving back to Seattle.  So, when I heard about the PMQ Night Markets, I made it my top priority to see what it was all about.

35 Aberdeen Street
Central, Hong Kong

The Night Market is located in the Aberdeen Courtyard and Marketplace on the Ground Floor of the PMQ Complex.  It's open Friday and Saturday nights and Sunday afternoons.

The Night Market reminded me of a Social.  There were long tables and benches that you could sit at for some food and drinks.  There was a live band playing.  There were balloons.  There were crowds and crowds of people.  Some studio spaces of the PMQ were open for perusal.  The actual Night Market area was quite small, but the usual booths were there:  Handmade jewelry, vintage clothing, leather goods, shoes, etc.  It catered mostly to women, but it was a lovely night.  The PMQ Complex was beautiful to walk through.

The Night Market end the weekend of July 25 - 27th,  I think I might make it down there another time just to hang out.