Sunday, June 8, 2014

Over The Weekend #2: HKIE Hi-Tech Fiesta

Over the weekend, in Kowloon Bay, the HKIE Hi-Tech Fiesta was being held.  It seemed like half of the booths were presentations of the works of some of Hong Kong's most innovated engineering students.  All the teams of students that I had the opportunity to meet were so engaging.  There was one team who attached sensors to the ground and to the end of a visually impaired person's cane.  When the cane tapped the ground, the sensors, which transmitted information to a smart phone, would tell you which direction you should head towards.  It was an interesting idea.  It was really great to be able to test out their creation:

The other half were of companies showcasing some pretty amazing things to make life easier.  One booth was showcasing a coating that could be applied to rooftops and windows.  The coating provided thermal insulation for buildings, which I FELT SHOULD BE A MANDATORY thing that all building contractors should use to keep our houses cooler in the summer months.  

I liked how the Fiesta gave students from different Universities in Hong Kong, professional engineers, hi-tech enthusiasts and also the general public an opportunity to see what the next generation were doing with technology in their specific fields of engineering.

Looking back, I was glad I checked this out.  Y.O.L.O.!  I learned a lot and met a lot of great people who really had a keen passion for what they did!