Thursday, August 14, 2014

Malaysia Trip: Amazing Finds

Some wonderful things I found along my journey in Malaysia:

1.  Infinity Pool.  I never knew what these pools were called, the ones that hang off the edge of buildings.  This was the first time I'd ever stayed at a hotel with an infinity pool.  It was also the first time swimming to the edge and looking over the side of the hotel.  A beautiful view of Northam Beach, Penang.

2.  Chocolate Museum.  It seemed like Georgetown and Langkawi were filled with chocolate shops.  When we went to tour the Blue Mansion, we hopped over to the Chocolate and Coffee Museum to see what that was all about.  It was actually 40% museum and 60% chocolate/coffee shop.  But, the information on the walls were quite fun to read.

3.  Great lizards.  My phobia of geckos was magnified on this trip.  I swear, when I was a kid, geckos didn't bother me.  Now, I feel like everything scares me.  The last time I went to Bali, I even had to change rooms because a gecko had found its way into our old room.   Anyhow, on this trip, I was fortunate to snap shots of two beautiful lizards sunning themselves.  They didn't give me the heebie-jeebies...which surprised me!

4.  Prohibited.  On a taxi ride back to our hotel, I noticed that you couldn't throw trash in the backseat, smoke, eat burgers, or couldn't make-out either.

5.  Sharks.  This photo was taken at the Fish Farm in the Kilim Karst Geoforest Park on Langkawi.  Here is a boy, who worked at this fish farm, about to hug a leopard shark.  I thought it was amazing that he could, without fear, hug a fierce sea creature like this.  I also thought it was really sad that this leopard shark was swimming around in this small pen.

6.  Heaven on Earth.  I drank a lot of water on this trip because it was hot and I was bothered.  At one of the convenience stores, I saw this drink and thought it read "Heaven on Earth."  But, reading it now, I realize it's "Heaven and Earth."  At the time, I got this passionfruit tea and really thought I was drinking heaven on's nice to have a sweet treat to rehydrate.

7.  Rings.  This photo was taken at the Mardi Agro Technology Park (Fruit Farm) on Langkawi.  At the end of the tour, the guides gave us these rings.  One of them was making it in the front seat of the tram when we were going around.  I thought I would capture the happy feeling I felt when I got this.

I hope you enjoyed these amazing finds!