Monday, August 11, 2014

Malaysia Trip: Butterfly Farm

We headed out to the west side of Penang island and towards the Penang Butterfly Farm.  This was a surprisingly fun experience.  Before this visit, I had taken butterflies for granted!  Seeing them all together just made me feel like a child in awe of something wonderful.  I feel like now I can understand how birdwatchers can sit and photograph the birds in Nam Sang Wai all day long.  

Besides spending most of the morning just trying to capture butterflies on our little digital camera, we:

1.  Watched an animated film on insects,
2.  Learned about some indigenous insects/animals of Malaysia,
3.  Glimpsed at the various stages of butterfly lives,
4.  And explored the handful of exhibits around the building.

Below are some of the snapshots of the farm:


Entryway to the farm



One of the indoor ponds

Indoor waterfall

Artwork on one of the indoor bridges
Artwork on one of the indoor bridges
Final Thoughts:
1.  I thoroughly enjoyed standing in one place for long periods of time,
2.  I absolutely loved taking dozens of photos of butterflies,
3.  I realized how much I exercised the value of patience,
4.  I felt like we had a total bonding experience between us and nature
5.  I was sad to leave this beautiful farm...

Outdoor waterfall