Sunday, August 10, 2014

Malaysia Trip: Streets of Georgetown

We just got back from a much needed holiday in Malaysia.  I thought I would share the experience and some photos...if you've never been...or thought of visiting...

There are quite a few places that hold a historical connection with Hong Kong, one being Georgetown, Penang.  Walking the town, we saw a number of beautiful old-style Chinese buildings that were dotted along the streets.  They are all deemed apart of UNESCO's World Heritage Site.

The first building we saw was the Blue Mansion (Cheong Fatt Tse Mansion), which was owned by Cheong Fatt Tse.  To enter the property, we had to pay admission for the tour, which was all right...  

Cheong Fatt Tse was one of the most prominent businessmen in Georgetown.  He founded the Chang Yu Winery, which brought European-style red wine into Asian.  The tour mostly focused on the feng-shui elements of the courtyard in the center of the home, but also talked about his most beloved wife (which I found the most interesting).

Blue Mansion

Blue Mansion

Courtyard of the Blue Mansion
We walked along most every street and lane.  Every bit of this town just breathed HISTORY. 

Walk through Little India

Another thing Georgetown is know for is the street art.  Walking around the UNESCO World Heritage area, there were a number of installations which gave a brief view into the history of a particular lane, area, or building.

I think the graffiti was the most crowd-attracting attraction, especially those done by Ernest Zacharevic.

Along the waterfront, we got to check out the colonial history of Georgetown.  It was nice to take a seat in the middle of Fort Cornwallis and just rest in the shade.  There was a snack vendor there, so it was a great place to hydrate.  There was also a beautiful promenade that stretched across the waterfront...another great place to rest, take in the view, and hydrate!

St. George's Church

Fort Cornwallis
Fort Cornwallis
Cannon at Fort Cornwallis

Magazine at Fort Cornwallis
There was so much to see.  It took the entire day to cover because we checked out temples/mansions/buildings, went on tours of famous mansions, checked out monuments, etc...but along the way, there were many shops, snack bars, and fruit carts to distract us.  The Georgetown UNESCO area was a great visit.  There were amazing finds around every corner.