Monday, June 22, 2015

Exploring Lamma Island

Lamma Island is my number one destination for a weekend getaway.  It's got everything I love:

1.  Little shops
2.  Little grocery stores
3.  A beach
4.  Little hostels
5.  Hiking trails
6.  And a good variety of foods to try!

Lamma is about a half hour ferry's ride from the Central Piers.  You can go to two sides of the Island:

1.  Sok Kwu Wan
2.  Yung Shue Wan

I feel like the majority of people head over to Yung Shue Wan because it has more of the touristy attractions.  The few times that I headed over to the Sok Kwu Wan side of the Island were because I was hiking to the Yung Shue Wan side of the island.  I think, if you are in for a cross-Island hike, it's a great way to view more of Lamma (by heading over to Sok Kwu Wan and walking over to Yung Shue Wan).

Lamma Island Ferry Pier in Central

My first every trip to Lamma was basically filled with browsing shops and a lunch at the local organic restaurant on the Yung Shue Wan side of the Island.  I sort of remember it being like a little port-of-call visit…or a first trip to Jurassic World visit!  (Did anyone else get the feels when seeing Jurassic World for the first time?)  When I stepped off of the ferry, I was captivated by the lovely picturesque seen before me (captured below!).

View from the Lamma Island Ferry Pier
The short walk from the ferry pier along the Yung Shue Wan Main Street, leads to some pretty awesome dim sum/seafood restaurants and the main shopping area.

A view of the power station stacks

Shops beginning to open for the day

Great snacks to take to the beach!

Lovely ice cream for a lovely sunny day!

On the Yung Shue Wan side of Lamma, there are points of attraction signs all over the place.

To get in a good little hike, taking the route up to the Lamma Winds power station may be a fun little hour of exploration.

To get in a day at the beach, trekking down to Hung Shing Yeh Beach is definitely a great way to spend the afternoon.

The trek, which heads over to Sok Kwu Wan side of Lamma Island, can also be followed, through loads of signage, found around the Island.

Baby gifts anyone?

This Island seems to always be prepared for everything.  Whether you need a gift for a baby shower or need to pick up a floating donut for the beach, you can easily find anything while just walking to your destination.

Beach gear is a necessity!

Shop for some Lamma gear?

Two of my favorite shops are:

1.  Little Elephant (above), which has hoards of really nice clothes from Madewell to A&F, and

2.  Just Green Organic Convenience Store (below), where I tend to stock up on some precious organic goodies that I can't find so readily in the New Territories.

I also love dropping by this little snack stand, which has loads of dehydrated fruits and such.  It's a great little snack to pick up before heading out on hikes to the Lamma Winds or to Sok Kwu Wan.

For lunch, one of our absolute favorite places to eat at is the Bookworm Cafe, which opens at 1pm sharp.  It's just a little novelty eatery that my husband and I like to frequent when we head out to Lamma.  Plus, it's a great place to just sit, chill out, read through a book, and also get free wi-fi!

Our order for today was the vegan salad bowl, which was pretty nice with the red wine vinegar dressing.

We shared a guava juice.

We also ordered a set, which came with a vegetable soup of the day and...

…a wonderful lasagna, which also came with a side salad.

Stepping off of a ferry and visiting one of Hong Kong's outlaying Islands is just the most ideal way to spend the weekend, for me.  It's great to just have the luxury of time to stroll the streets and pop into shops.  It's even more awesome to revisit places that I love to shop at and have a decent lunch at.

Alas, the day on Lamma had to come to a close!

We headed back in the late afternoon and picked up some dried squid from that snack shop on the main street as a snack for the ferry ride.

Stay tuned for two more blogs about swimming and hiking Lamma this coming week!