Friday, June 12, 2015

First Friday: Noticing Things

Today, I wasn't really doing much but errands.  I did, though, notice a lot of interesting things along my day.  

1.  Interesting Pile Up
I started my day early by heading out to one of the recycle receptacles in my area.  Usually, these bins are always barren and empty.  Perhaps, people just like to take out their recycling bits during the late nights or early mornings?  But, the morning refuse crew has a lot of work on their hands today!

I wish the recycle bins were bigger (also, I wish there was a glass recycle bin nearby)

2.  Interesting Snapple Stock
I was down in Tsim Sha Tsui (TST), which I have just been loving visiting recently!  I went down to the Jusco Living Plaza that is in The One shopping mall and found a pretty nice selection of Snapple.  This has been my addiction for the past few months.  I love how Snapple has become more easily accessible.  I used to love these in my childhood!

An Amazing Assortment of Snapple

3.  Interesting Rediscovery
For lunch, we went to the food court area that is apart of the Aeon Supermarket/Jusco Living Plaza area.  This is probably the first time in half a year that I found myself eating Japanese food.  I don't know why I stopped!!!

The amazing menu with loads of add ons

Delicious Char Siu Ramen

Delicious Pork Ramen

Delicious Chicken Gyoza

Delicious Kelp Salad

Delicious Edamame

 4.  Interesting Misread
After lunch, we headed over to the Tai Kok Tsui area to pay a visit to an Xbox repair man (our Xbox finally got the glowing red ring of death, which we hope can be revived!).  We crossed a road, where upon first sight, I thought read Pok-e-Mon Street (a.k.a. Pokemon).  Close, but not quite!

Pok Man Street

 5.  Interesting Snacks
The last stop of the day was one of our favorite junk food shops:  759.  I'm about to send a shipment of goodies to my siblings back home.  This is the place where I go to pick up some interesting snacks that I think they'd like to try.

Who doesn't love a good ramen?

Bruschetta in a Bag

Spicy Garlic Sausages

Spicy and Original Flavored Dehydrated Squid