Monday, June 15, 2015

Tea Saloon by Another Fine Day

The Gentleman's Tea Set is what makes the Tea Saloon by Another Fine Day stand out.  Though I am not sure what makes something Gentlemanly versus Ladylike, it was a nice little novelty that attracted us to the Tea Saloon.

But, I had been here with my sister over the Christmas Break and thought it might be fun to check it out again!

Tea Saloon by Another Fine Day Info:
G/F 80 - 82 Peel Street
Hong Kong


Tuesdays - Friday noon - 7pm
Saturdays and Sundays 10:30 - 7pm
Closed Mondays

SUGGESTIONS:  Make reservations!

We got one Ladies' Set and one Gentleman's Set, just to compare!

Something that I also remembered about this place was that the utensils (forks, knives, and spoons) were absolutely adorable!  I also love the patterns on the plates and cake stands, the different personal tea pots that we each got, and that overall  thoughtfulness of the mishmash-English-countryside-type-of-Laura-Ashley-decor for sure.

There were a few variations that made the Gentleman's set, like the Chicken Burger with Oolong Tea sauce and the Chicken Avocado Croissant…

One of my favorite sweets on the Ladies' set was the mini Chocolate Cone with the Cherry Surprise.  That was lovely to end the meal with.

The Review:
1.  Presentation (4 out of 5)  Everything was quite nicely placed and neat.

2.  Taste (4 out of 5)  All our savories and sweets were nice.  There were a few outstanding bits, but there were also some mediocre ones.  Overall, though, it was quite nice. 

3.  Service (5 out of 5)  I loved how the staff offered to take photos for us.  They also left us alone to enjoy our afternoon tea.  I think that's probably quite common in Hong Kong.  After they served us our tea and our set, they just let us do our thing.  It's nice to have privacy!

4.  Atmosphere (5 out of 5)  I loved the decor.  I also liked how it was quite crowded, but each party had their own private space.  I mean, there was enough space between parties for everyone to not be in each other's conversations.  I really appreciated that.

5.  Return-ability (5 out of 5)  I've been here once before, came back today, and will definitely go back another day!

LAST IMPRESSIONS MATTER:  The woman who was servicing us was so nice.  We couldn't finish a few bits of our set, so she individually wrapped those bits up for us!