Friday, October 30, 2015

Eating in Woods

We were down in Mong Kok again.  I just had the craving to visit the district again! But, this time, we were over in Mong Kok East, checking out the MoKo Mall.  While walking around the streets, we stumbled over a new-ish eatery called Woods.

There was a really nice waiter out on the street corner telling us about the menu.  He was probably the reason we went in to see what the food was like.

Woods was right on the corner of Argyle Street and Hak Po Street.

How To Get There
1.  From Mong Kok MTR Station's Exit D3, walk out onto Argyle Street
2.  Take a right and walk past Ladies Market, Fa Yuen Street, and Sai Yee Street
3.  Hak Po Street will be the next side street
4.  Woods is right on the corner

The menu is what attracted us partially.  There seemed to be a mix of Mexican, Spanish, and Italian dishes at some pretty good prices.

The decor was of the other many reasons why we decided to stop in.  Everything is quite woody.  It sort of reminded me of the Ovo Cafe in Wan Chai (sans the organic flavor).  I love when restaurants bring the outdoors in.

We ordered a Mediterranean Salad, which I wasn't too familiar with, but it basically was mixed greens, with tuna, olives, red bell peppers and eggs.  It was pretty good.

We picked up some Deep-Fried Calamari with Alioli Sauce.  This was probably my husband's favorite, but it was best eaten whilst hot.  I had it when it cooled down and it was a bit soggy.

The next dish we got was the Roasted Suckling Pig.  This is actually one of my favorite dishes when we go to family banquets or wedding banquets.  This was probably my favorite dish.  This was really delicious…and more in the salty family, which I much prefer over sweet these days.

This place is rather new…their signage is still being put up on the outside.  But, they are located in such a great spot, I think.  It's where a lot of people pass to walk from Mong Kok to Mong Kok East (and back).  It is also quite festive these days with the Halloween Decorations.

The people who were eating next to us seemed to be from around the neighborhood.  So, it was quite the pleasant experience to dine here.

After our meal, we opted to try the Churro dessert.  It's only right!  This totally hit the satisfaction spot on my radar.

I think, if I were down in the area again, with a friend, I would keep Woods in mind for a place to dine.  I'm not sure if I'd go out of my way to make it down here…because, as I've said before, there are so many amazing places that I have yet to try in Hong Kong.  But, this place is definitely one of my favorite places that I've found to dine at.

It's especially wonderful for date nights where you want a place with a nice atmosphere, good food, and descent prices.  The entire meal for the two of us came out to around $300 HKD, btw.

The clip on our receipt, how sweet!