Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Eats Week: Life Cafe

Continuing on Eats Week, a friend and I decided to do lunch at one of the eateries along the Central Escalators:  Life Cafe.  Life Cafe is one of those organic restaurants that I just feel good to eat at because it's an easy clean option for food.

This one on the Escalators is great because it has a good number of seats, on the little patio, the ground floor, the second floor and the roof top.

Life Cafe Info:
10 Shelley Street
Soho, Central


Reservations can be made, but I've only had to wait for 15 minutes max once in my life.

Mondays - Fridays from noon to 11 pm
Weekends and Holidays from 9 am - 10 pm

We got there at noon, so there were plenty of seats available.

Everything on the menu is always quite good…but I usually stick to my usual pancakes or waffles (yes I am a lover of the all-day breakfast options!).

I got a mixed-berry protein shake and my friend got one of the apple-mixed juices. We were both incredibly happy with our drinks, though I could do with a bit more ice blended into my shake.

I got the Gluten Free Flax Seed Pancakes, which I've had before and love.  It's simple and just a classic to fill me up.  It also has the right amount so that I don't find myself overly stuffed.

My friend was a bit more indulgent and sprung for the Frittata.  From my view point, it looked so delicious and was a good amount for her.

For people on the go, there is also the deli on the ground floor that has an awesome array of salads, sandwiches and delicious looking desserts!

There is also a good selection of pastries/breads, coffee, juices and shakes that you can order to go.

My overall thoughts on the Life Cafe:
1.  Loved having lunch there and still loving visiting this place
2.  The pancakes never let me down
3.  I enjoyed my first experience of the mixed-berry protein shake
4.  I had a great afternoon with my friend in a not so overly crowded eatery in Central
5.  I loved the environment, especially the music…

I totally recommend this place if you are in the area!