Friday, December 4, 2015

A Typical Hong Kong Breakfast

The coolest thing that I discovered this year was that the Yuen Long public swimming pool is going to be open during the winter months.  The main swimming pool is now heated, so they won't be shutting down the facilities.  Though it is only the main pool that is open for swimming in Yuen Long, it's still a really awesome thing!

Usually, after swimming, we head along Kau Yuk Road for some breakfast.  The Yuen Long swimming pool is just nearby.

This morning, we decided to try a new place.

I'm not exactly sure what this Hong Kong style cafe is called because there was no sign out front…but it seemed really packed at 8 in the morning.  So, it had to be good!!!  If there are people inside (and if there is a line outside), the food must be good!

I actually think that it used to be called East West Cuisine, but I'm totally not sure.  The address, which I can vaguely make out looks like it is located on 138 Kau Yuk Road.  But, it is definitely near the Yunnan Noodle Shop.  

Anyhow, straight on to the food that is offered during the breakfast session!

We got the usual hot lemon water and hot Ovaltine with our breakfast sets.  I think, if I'm not drinking my iced lemon tea, I'm most likely drinking just a plain lemon water.  And I know that "hot lemon water" sounds funny, but that's the literal translation:  Yiht (hot) ling (lemon) semi (water).  So, that's the Hong Kong English coming out of me.

We got a bowl of instant noodles with satay beef bits and (I think) some wonton.

The third dish was a bit of bread with butter, eggs, and a hot dog.

Then out came a piece of thick toast covered in sweet condensed milk.

And, lastly, we got the usual pineapple bun with a butter slice inside.

This place was not bad!  It was actually pretty good.  I think, when in the neighborhood again, I'd totally choose this place to get a quick breakfast at.

I am gutted that I don't know what this place is called.  I feel like it might be a new place, but I'm totally not sure because Hong Kong is ever changing!

One clue I can give you to this mysterious cafe is that there is this mysterious face on the menus:

That guy is the chef behind the bar.

This was definitely a nice find this morning.  And it was well worth the taste test.