Monday, December 7, 2015

The Gold Coast

Tuen Mun's Gold Coast Piazza is one of my favorite places to go during the summer months because of the nearby Gold Coast Beach.  Since it is still sunny and a bit warm, we headed over to the Gold Coast to soak up some sun and to also catch check out if anything had changed over the past year.

One thing that changed, which might be old news to everyone but me!, is that the Gold Coast Piazza doesn't have their independent handicraft sellers along the promenade anymore.  They do have some kiosks within the Piazza, but it doesn't seem as lively as it used to be,

Like most of the public spaces around Hong Kong, there are Christmas decorations displayed to welcome the holiday season.

One of the great places to soak up some sun and also catch the sunset is along the Gold Coast Piazza's promenade.  It overlooks a yacht docking lot, which is pretty amazing to view.  Ever since I moved to Seattle, I would look out at yachts and wonder what cool things they had inside, where they had come from and where their next destination was.  So, it's really nice to sit and just view the yachts in the lot and day dream about going around the world in one of them!

Another wonderful thing about the promenade is that there are benches to take a rest on.

The sun, nowadays, seems to begin setting around 5:30 pm, which is right before dinner time.  So, it was perfect to just sit and watch the sun set and then have a romantic dinner somewhere in one of the eateries in the Piazza.

While we were watching the sunset, I also spotted a hummingbird, which I tried to capture with my camera.  Impossible.  If you can spot it, you have a wonderful eye for detail.

This was actually the second time that I had seen a hummingbird up here in the New Territories.  The first time I ever saw one was when I was walking along the waterway.  I actually thought a huge wasp was buzzing around one of the flower pots along the path.  But, then I realized that it was the smallest bird I'd ever seen.

Also, it seems like it must be graduation season because there were a lot of people along the promenade that were taking photos dressed in graduation cap and gowns.  It definitely was quite a picturesque time of day.

Though the Piazza is quite small, there are quite a bit of places where you can eat.

Because I was craving some Ebeneezer's again, we headed over to get some lamb briyani, mango lassis and palak paneer.

For dessert, we got some cotton candy from one of the vendors nearby, which totally took me back to childhood.  I can't even remember the last time I had a cotton candy.

I would classify today as one of the best days of my week.  It was lovely spending some quality time with my husband…especially up at the Gold Coast.  It sort of felt like we were on holiday, just wondering around and enjoying life (though Tuen Mun is not too far from Yuen Long).

And the loveliest part was ending the evening enjoying some people watching around the Gold Coast Piazza's Christmas tree.