Monday, December 28, 2015

Garden of Stars

Due to the renovation project of the Tsim Sha Tsui (TST) Promenade, the Avenue of Stars was relocated to the TST East Waterfront Podium Garden.  It's quite easy to get to, as you can follow Salisbury Road from the TST Ferry Pier all the way over to the Garden of Stars.  There are escalators that take you up to the Garden that advertise the Garden of Stars.

It's a temporary little set up, but it has a really amazing view, which overlooks Victoria Harbour…just as amazing as it was when it was right at the Promenade.

The statues that everyone loved to take photos with were relocated here…

And there were two huge murals that were painted and set up around the main hand imprint viewing gallery.

Around the Garden, there are three areas where people can check out the hand imprints of some of Hong Kong's top entertainment celebrities.

I personally liked the temporary set up because it's high enough off of the ground for me to comfortably place my hands in everyone's imprints.  Yup, I'm one of those people who like to find some celebrities that I've seen in movies past and compare my hand size to theirs!

Because it was not so crowded, the spacing of the hand imprints did not bother me so much.  But, if it were crowded, I suspect that the close spacing of the hands might lead to people pushing and pulling to get enough space to take photos with the hand prints.

When The Avenue of Stars was on display, I rarely got a chance to be so close to the Hong Kong Film Awards statuette…and this afternoon, it was totally free for me to walk up to!  That was a really nice surprise…though, I feel like when it gets more advertisement of the relocation, this Garden will be as busy as The Avenue of Stars was before.

Pictured below is the second mural that is along the back side of the Garden of Stars.

Pictured below is the longer of the viewing areas where local celebrity hand imprints are.

Pictured below is a statue of Anita Mui.  I actually don't remember this statue at The Avenue of Stars, but it was one of my favorites at the Garden of Stars.  People tell me that Anita Mui is one of the women who really made an impact on Cantonese Pop Music back in the day.

One of the most famous symbols of The Avenue of Stars, and current Garden of Stars, is the statue of Bruce Lee.  This statue was perhaps the most popular thing in the Garden.  I still love watching people taking photos next to the statue and trying to impersonate Bruce Lee's pose.

For more information on the Garden of Stars, the website can be found here.