Monday, September 14, 2015

Cyberport Kite Festival

On Sunday, we went over to Cyberport to join in on the Kite Festival festivities.  It was a great day spent, flying our kite with hundreds of other people.  Who knew that kite flying could be so fun…especially on a windy day like Sunday.

How to get to Cyberport:
1.  From Central Station/Hong Kong Station's Exchange Square, hop onto bus 30x
2.  Bus 30x will take you directly to Cyberport's main bus terminus

The Kite Festival was broken up into a few activities.  The major activity was for kids to paint their own kites.

The second activity was the Opening Ceremony, which we didn't really stay to watch.

The third, and most awesome, activity, was when everyone just went out to the waterfront park area and flew their kites.

***Photos of the afternoon***

We bought our kite at the event.  It was $100 HKD + $20 HKD for the reel of string.

There was a good amount of wind, so we didn't have much problems getting our kite up.

My favorite kite was probably the huge strawberry!  We got our kite tangled in this guys line, but he just simple circled around us and untangled his strawberry kite.  

We also decided to treat ourselves to a frozen Coke.  Being that it was a boiling hot day today, it didn't really freeze up.

Though Cyberport is MILLIONS OF MILES away from us, it was a great day trip out there.  It was really awesome to be able to fly a kite, which I haven't done since childhood.  And we got a great souvenir kite out of the event, which we can fly around Tai Tong…future goal!