Friday, September 18, 2015

Ippudo in Causeway Bay

Does anyone remember that year when ramen because all the rage?  I think it was a few years ago when I caught on to now awesome ramen was.  Actually, I've always enjoyed a hot bowl of noodles…but ramen, for some reason, just makes the noodle eating experience more awesome than usual!

Today, I'm blogging to you from Hakata Ippudo in Causeway Bay.

8 Russell Street
Causeway Bay

***I'm not sure of the name of the building, but when you are walking along Russell Street, you'll be able to see the Hakata Ippudo from street level.  It sits right across from Times Square.

Monday - Sunday from 11:30 am - 11 pm

***There is a 10% service charge

2892 - 2387

***The option to make a reservation is not available, but I've been here a few times and the wait has never been very long.  

The really awesome thing about this place is that there are options on the menu for HALF SIZES.  So, if you are out late and just want to nibble on something, there are not only snacks, but you can get their awesome ramen in mini form.  …though the menu for half sizes are a lot more limited...

We got here a little after noon and it was absolutely NOT crowded at all!  This actually made me think that the craze for ramen might have died down?

 We thought that the decor was pretty snazzy.  I actually never  realize that there were ramen bowls and spoons decorating the walls of the establishment.

Like most ramen places, there was a bunch of condiments that you could add to your ramen.  I think this (especially the garlic) is what makes me love ramen so much.  I like how I have the option to personalize it to my taste.

I got the Shiromaru Motoaji…which seemed pretty plain, but I like plain.

My husband got the Special Akamaru Shinaji because the menu claimed that eating this bowl of ramen would give you a well-balanced sensation!

Mainly, we got those two dishes because they were recommended on the menu.

The outcome of our lunch:
1.  Delicious as always…

2.  Made me want to eat more ramen…

3.  Made me remember the good ole days of living in Japan and having a late night grub at underground ramen shops…