Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Evening Stroll

After dinner, we were feeling quite full and decided to take a walk over to Yuen Long Park.  We haven't really gone for an evening stroll in months because the weather has been deathly hot (including evenings)!  Turns out, because the Fall is upon us...that the park was full of evening strollers (like ourselves), as well as the occasional joggers and harmonica players enjoying the cooler temperatures!


Strolling around the park made me realize that pretty soon (come Mid-Autumn Festival), the park will be full of people viewing the moon and enjoying time spent with family.  

But, for tonight, it was a pretty beautiful evening where we could mosey along the paths of Yuen Long Park and commune with the little nature Yuen Long has to offer!

I love how the weather has finally cooled down in the evenings!

I love how there are little gazebos that we can sit around in and enjoy the evening breeze.

I love how it feels so safe in Yuen Long Park because there are so many people enjoying the late summer weather.

I love how there are stairs that go up and stairs that go down…really gives you lots of exercise to burn off a huge dinner.

I love how the children's play area is so eerily creepy in the evening park lights!

I love how the stone walking areas were totally abandoned…so I could have a go at walking barefoot over the stones and improve my body's circulation.

I love how the vending machines can be found dotted all around Yuen Long Park…

I love how there are water fountains all over the park as well…like this one near the public restrooms.

I love having a park so close to where I live.  (A BIG PARK at that!).  It makes living in Yuen Long an absolute joy some times…especially since the park is quite near the sports facilities (public swimming pool) and Yuen Long Theatre.  Yuen Long is just the best sometimes!