Monday, September 21, 2015

Kite Flying: Tai Tong

Over the weekend, we planned to head out to Tai Tong to have another go at flying our kite.  We checked the weather forecast and it said that the wind would be around 7 - 12 kilometers an hour.  I sort of figured that the winds might be a bit stronger on top of the mountains, which is sort of where Tai Tong is.  So, it seemed like pretty good weather for kite flying.

We caught the K66 bus from Kau Yuk Road and jumped off at the second to last bus stop (the one right before the terminal).

It's a nice little 10 minute walk (with slight incline) to the actual country park.  

Some awesome things we found along the way:

1.  A cluster of busy red ants...

2.  A wandering little green worm…

We just went as far as the BBQ area, to have lunch and also to have a go at flying our kite.

The wind was not at all constant.  I think we got a good 15 minutes of a pretty good breeze, but after that, there was a long period of just no wind.

So, we too the opportunity to sit in one of the gazebos and have lunch.

Another awesome thing that found my lunch whilst in Tai Tong:

3.  A bee who was hungry for some of my McCafe Ciabatta…

The BBQ area wasn't as crowded as it usually was.  I think it is because the weather is still quite hot.  But, usually, during the Fall, there are a lot more people up here having family barbecues or on school trips.

It was nice to have the entire area to ourselves…

There were small groups of dog lovers gathering and a few families dotted here and there…but it was such a nice pleasant day with few crowds!

Most people bring their barbecue things with them:  coal, lighters, sticks, etc….and food.  But, there is a little kiosk with drinks, toys, candies, and ice cream available.  The kiosk is also attached to one of two of the public restrooms that are in the BBQ area.

Popsicles (like the fabulous green bean one we bought below) were only 7 HKD, by the way.

It was a good weekend spent, even though there was only 15 minutes of kite flying...