Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Amazing Finds: MTR Signage

Usually, I'm reading a book on my commute to and from work.  This past week has been quite tiring for me, though.  So, I can only handle a good 15 minutes of reading before my eye lids start getting heavy and my head starts bobbing.

To prevent any public displays of embarrassment, I decided to just people watch.  Whilst people watching, I started noticing the signage on the train.  

There are the usual No Smoking signs and the No Eating Burgers or Drinking a Soft Drink

There are the awesome signs that mark a specific train car as a Quiet Section, which never really is truly quiet…and the signs that let us know that we can contact MTR staff through the telecom if we feel unwell…

…then I started noticing some new signs that I had not noticed before.

There is this really nice one that promotes offering your seat to those in need, which I totally love because, recently, there seems to be a lot of promotion going on for giving Priority Seats to the elderly, pregnant, and handicapped.  So, pushing for non-Priority Seats to be offered up is pretty awesome on a rush hour kind of day.

The next bit of signage that made me laugh was this one (below) that not only gives a maximum penalty of $5000 HKD for putting your feet up on the train seats, but also rhymes…

I've seen many a people resting their feet on the buses, but I've only seen kids putting their feet on the train seats!  Can you imagine a toddler getting a $5000 HKD fine from the MTR staff!

Lastly, one of my favorite signs that I found this week was the one that said No Sitting On The Floor of the train.  I have only seen it in the East Rail so far, but this is definitely my favorite sign so far.  I haven't actually seen many people sitting on the train car's floor, but I have seen a few.  It's just so tough to stand on days when your legs just can't hold you up.

This was a pretty nice way to pass the time on my commute.