Monday, October 12, 2015

Back at the Red Brick House

 Over the weekend, we trekked down to Kam Sheung Road.

It's only a stop away from Yuen Long and it is also the place that I enjoy visiting the most because of the awesome year-long flea market that is along the station.

Yup, it's that time of year again when I start thinking about Halloween decorations around my apartment, Thanksgiving dishware that I might need this November, and Christmas ornaments that we should be picking out come this December!

I love the Fall!

 The weather has been lovely these past two days.  It's been feeling quite like the Seattle summer, crisp, cool days.  Not to mention…the overcast skies.  The walk from the Kam Sheung Road MTR Station to the Red Brick House is such pleasant stroll that totally makes me feel like I'm not in Hong Kong anymore.

For those who haven't visited the Red Brick House, it is a little barn that is tucked away on Kam Sheung Road.  It's easily identifiable by the public restroom that sits right in front of it.  But, once you see the broken clock fixture on the barn behind the public restrooms, you'll be able to see that there are shops of all sorts of curious and hidden gems waiting to be loomed over.

We were here a week or so ago trying to see if the Halloween decorations were being shelved, but there wasn't much.  This time, we went to visit, there still wasn't much Halloween stuff.  There are, though, a bunch of really awesome Christmas things that are dispersed throughout the market stalls.

The Red Brick House is filled with a bunch of really awesome things.  It sort of reminds me of a swap meet, but with a "Blast from the Past" sort of feel.  A lot of the things that are sold are not the most updated of things (like the games below).

There are some new shops that do have some pretty awesome handicraft things, which I am totally in to.  So, there is a good mix of awesome oldies and some really awesome newbies!

(Pictured below) I've talked about this shop before, but it is my favorite place to get most of our holiday decorations!

During the summer months, this place is really busy with tourists.  A  few bus loads of people stop by to check out the shops and also have lunch in the Red Brick House.  We stopped by around 5pm, so it was pretty empty, which is what we like.

But, during the winter months, the flow of people definitely is a lot less than in the summer time.

I cannot say how much I love this time of year and taking my annual trips to Kam Sheung Road to pick up my holiday gear.  It's so wonderful to have something so WONDERFUL nearby.