Friday, October 2, 2015

Gyu-Kaku Japanese BBQ

Gyu-Kaku opened up over the summer, but there was always a line queuing when we were at the peak of our hunger.  But, we finally got to try this place, though a few months down the line!

Gyu-Kaku is one of the restaurants that we have in Yuen Long Plaza.  There are a good number of selections and, besides Genki Sushi, this is the other restaurant with a Japanese flare.

Gyu-Kaku Info:
Shop 332 - 323, 3/F Yuen Long Plaza
249 - 251 Castle Peak Road
Yuen Long

Tel. No.

Mondays - Sundays noon - 11 pm

NOTE:  There is a 10% service charge, which means that the service is pretty darn attentive!

There is a physical menu on paper available, but they also give you a tablet to input your menu.  I thought that was pretty nice.  There is an English option, so that was also a great surprise.

We got a seat at exactly 6 pm, which might be the magic hour.  After 7 pm, the restaurant started filling up pretty quickly.

We ordred a cold tofu to start off with.

We got the platter of mixed vegetables.

We got the platter of mixed meats.

The fun thing about Gyu-Kaku is that you can cook the food on your own.  That's my kind of restaurant.  It brings in an element of fun with dinner…especially if you are on date night and want to be doing some bonding activity with your date!

The last dish we ordered was a spicy ramen dish.

Final thoughts on Gyu-Kaku:
1.  I really liked the service.  Everyone was so nice and accommodating (not that we asked for anything, but they cleared our table, helped us set up the stove, asked us if we wanted to refill our drinks…etc).  That was really great service.

2.  To go along with the drink thing.  We also got Calips mixed drinks, which were delicious (but I forgot to capture that image).  I first got a mix of Calpis and Coke when I took a trip over to Kozy's Okonomiyaki in Causeway Bay.  Who knew that Calpis could make a pretty good mixed drink!?

3.  I really liked the environment.  Even though it got crowded, we all seemed to have our own little private table.  I mean, we had a corner table, but it had enough spaces between us and the couple next to us to not really put a damper on our evening.

4.  The food was pretty all right.  I have no complaints about the food.  I did like the fact that we got options on condiments:  soy sauce, garlic sauce, and a spicy sauce.  I like options.

I'd definitely recommend this place for those who would fancy a little bit of a fun evening at the local Yuen Long yakiniku place.