Monday, October 5, 2015

Eats Week: Yuen Long's Hui Lau Shan Dessert House

I went to dim sum with a friend and she was telling her husband about how I kept a food blog.  That's not quite right, but I do have the opportunity to eat out quite often.  So, I can totally see how most of my posts are about food.  

I thought it might be a good week to blog about some great places that are around Yuen Long. 

One place that has been here for quite a long time is Hui Lau Shan on Fook Tak Street near the Yuen Long Post Office.  During the summer, this is the place to go when I want to get my fix of a cold mango smoothie.  I've blogged about the Hui Lau Shan in TST before too.

But there is something special about the Hui Lau Shan in Yuen Long.

I have a suspicious feeling that it might be one of the original dessert houses because the inside isn't all fancy and shiny like the other chain shops around Hong Kong.

The menu is quite similar though.  There are the usual puddings, sweet soups, and tang yuan deliciousness that you can find in the other shops across Hong Kong.  There is also the tortoise shell herbal jellies available here, which people claim are good for the health.  And, on the banners above the doorway, there are also the same drinks offered here as they are in other Hui Lau Shan's.

This Hui Lau Shan is a great place to chill out at when waiting for your movie to start, as it sits directly across from the Yuen Long Cinema.

The cool things about this shop, besides looking like it has been here for decades:

1.  They stick hand written receipts under the glass panes on your table...

2.  They have the old style wooden tables and chairs that you can find in some old time neighborhood eateries…

3.  And it has a great view out to Pau Cheung Square, where you can see old men playing cards or mah jong on the daily.

Today, since it is still a bit hot, I got myself a mango pudding with condensed milk over the top.

My husband went all out and got a mango pudding, in a more liquid-ous form, with mango ice cream, mochi balls, and chunks of fresh mango on the side.

Both desserts were absolutely perfect for our after-lunch dessert.

This is a really great place to visit on the occasion.  It's actually quite nice to eat at one of Hong Kong's local dessert houses.  I totally would suggest checking out other dessert houses that cater to the more local style of desserts.  Sure it is nice to have a cheesecake or chocolate mousse, but it is also nice to have a sweet soup on a cold winter's day…as a change of pace!