Monday, October 19, 2015

Tuen Mun Ferry Pier

 This past weekend, we caught the Light Rail all the way to the Tuen Mun Ferry Pier.  It was just one of those evenings where we just wanted to explore the area and see if there was anywhere new we could have dinner at.

Turns out, there is a nice little promenade out there.

Something new that I learned was that there is a ferry that runs from Tuen Mun to Tai O (Lantau Island).  I'm guessing that it might be a bit more comfortable for me to catch the MTR up to Tuen Mun, then the Light Rail over to the Tuen Mun Ferry Pier, and then the ferry over to Tai O than riding one of the Lantau buses.

Is it just me, or does anyone else get a major case of car sickness when riding any of the buses around Lantau?

The Light Rail station is attached to Ocean Walk Mall.

This mall reminds me of some abandoned boardwalk mall.  There are a mix of some big and small brand shops in this little mall, but there is not a lot of patrons.  There was a really cute little arcade where you could play for tickets.

This place was also quite abandoned, but it sort of made me want to find a better arcade to relive my Gameworks days.

Some games that you could play at the Dream Land arcade…

The fun thing about this arcade was that there was a group of women that were just hanging out there.  They were gambling at one of the games.  I thought that was kind of sweet. Ha!  If you can't go to the casino, then turn the arcade into a gambling paradise!

After exploring the Tuen Mun Ferry Pier area, we caught the Light Rail back to Tuen Mun Town Center for the usual mall food court dinner and headed back.

It's been such lovely weather in the evenings.

For a nice stroll, definitely check out the Tuen Mun Town Center area.  It's basically a huge square with the Town Hall, Tuen Mun Mall complexes, and the Tuen Mun Public Library.  At night, there are loads of people just hanging out there.  It's a great place to meet friends, have a little drink, and stroll.

A relaxing weekend spent!