Friday, November 20, 2015

Christmas at Harbour City

It's Christmas already at Harbour City and it is only mid-November!  

It's quite lovely to be hearing Christmas music playing here and there.  I've even been hearing it in my local Park N' Shop, too.  It was a surprise…though, to see that all the decorations were up.  I mean, I've only been here two weeks prior.

As per a little tradition, I like going round to the touristy areas and scoping out the Christmas decorations…especially at the malls.  It really reminds me of Christmas back home.  Plus, there are the Christmas lights on the buildings along Victoria Harbour.  There is definitely a Christmasy sort of feeling that is springing up around Hong Kong!

It is another Disney-esque type of theme on the steps in front of Harbour City.  The theme is actually christened "Happily Ever After."

There are supposedly events where Disney characters will be around and spreading the Christmas/Disney joy.  I'm not sure if I would personally make my way down to TST just to take photos with Elsa and Anna, but it does sound like a wonderful way to entertain the kids!

One of the advertised events is called the "Fantasy Lighting Christmas Present - Silhouette Photo with Disney Friends."

This runs from now until the 3rd of January.

Monday - Friday 6 - 9pm
Weekends and Public Holidays from 6:45 - 8:15 pm.

It's like taking pictures with Santa.

All the proceeds go to the Hong Kong Blood Cancer Foundation.

I didn't have much time to line up and get into the venue, but there seemed to be a lot of kids waiting to get in and take photos at the various displays with their folks.  The line didn't seem too long when I was here.  It had about 10 groups of people right in front.

The Symphony of Lights is also quite Christmas themed already!  The show, as usual, is at 8 pm every night.  It's actually quite nice to see all the buildings so into the Christmas Spirit!  Too bad my camera doesn't quite focus so well in the evenings!

My next stop, 1881 Heritage Building!  But, I might head down there next weekend…all this Christmas Spirit is making me feel like I have to do some early Christmas Shopping…