Monday, November 30, 2015

Maker Faire Hong Kong

Sunday, we went over to the Hong Kong Polytechnic University's Maker Faire, which was held over the weekend.  The Maker Faire was a sort of inventor's fair or science fair.  There were booths from various different interest groups:  promoting 3D printing, robotics, sustainability, architecture, pottery and embroidery.

You could go up to the booths and check out what everyone was inventing, what they created, and what their inspiration was.  Some memorable booths were the Livin Farms booth, where we got to sample some roasted worms; the 3D pen workshop, where we got to draw a little four leaf clover as a souvenir; and Underwater Robotics Test Drive zone, where we could watch a competition to see who's creation could make it through an obstacle course.

It was pretty cool to see what people had created.  There were a lot of areas for kids to learn about different things and trial them out.  There was even a talent show running on campus where the Fashion/Textiles corridor of Poly U.  

***Pictures from the day***

It was such a fine day to be out learning new things!