Friday, November 13, 2015

Squirrel Burger, Yuen Long

We probably discovered this place in the summer, but didn't really think it was anything special.  But, we went out for a celebratory dinner and decided to check out Squirrel Burger in Yuen Long.  

The name is a bit odd ball…which is probably a bit of what drew us there.

The locale is really nice…which is also what probably drew us there.

The fact that you can sit outdoors is also one of the draws…especially on a lovely Fall Hong Kong evening.

And we were in the mood for a burger.

Squirrel Burger Info:
Ground Floor, Block A Yee Fung Garden
38 Ma Tin Road
Yuen Long

How to get here
1.  From the Long Ping MTR Station Exit D, you'll notice the little watercourse that runs through the center of Yuen Long
2.  Walk along the watercourse (also known as Po Fai Path)
3.  Continue along Po Fai Path, pass Castle Peak Road
4.  Continue along Po Fai Path, then pass Kau Yuk Road
5.  Pretty soon, you'll hit Squirrel Burger on your right

***It is about a 10 minute walk from the Long Ping MTR Station

We got an autumnal squash soup, which was pretty good.  And we got a slice of garlic bread, which was also quite good.

But, the main thing we wanted to try was one of the burgers.  We ordered the classic burger, which came with a burger patty, tomato, cheddar cheese, and some onions.

The burger was actually quite good.  It was juicy and had a perfect balance of bun to filling.  It was really nice.  We also got a side of fries, which are always delicious!

To be a bit more healthy, we got a side "salad" which was the portobello mushroom drenched in tomato sauce.  This was pretty good.  It made me wonder if I could just make it myself, though.

 For dessert, we opted for hot chocolate, since it is Fall.  It made the entire meal feel quite autumnal and special.  I rarely drink hot chocolate, so that was a nice treat…

It was nice to try a new place in Yuen Long.  I think, over the summer, we've pretty much been eating at all our regular places.  It's just been a busy time, so selecting the reliable options seemed the best option.  

Overall, I think I wouldn't mind returning to this place when my family comes to visit.  I'm not sure if they'd be up for a burger because it's quite the norm back in the States.  But, this is totally a place I wouldn't mind returning to.  Hopefully, it'll be around in the coming months…years to come.

Some things I loved:
1.  The lounge vibe with a mix of elevator music and some pop music in the background…

2.  The outdoor feeling of the restaurant

3.  The cool trendy atmosphere of young couples and families hitting up this burger joint…

4.  The romantic lighting and mood that the watercourse provided…

5.  The selection of food available!