Wednesday, May 28, 2014

10,000 Buddhas

My sister originally found this place when she came to visit a few years ago.  And recently, one of my friends also suggested I check it out.  So, my little troupe and I trekked over to Shatin, followed the signs, and discovered an amazing gem of a a monastery hidden in the hills behind IKEA.  The monastery:  Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery.

How to get there:

1.  From Shatin MTR Station Exit B, walk in the direction of Home Square.  Home Square is also the home of IKEA.  Along the way, you should be passing a Mister Softee Ice Cream truck on the right, Pai Tau Village on the left, and a sports court on your left (5 - 8 minute walk).  Then you'll walk straight to the entrance of Home Square.

2.  Turn left onto Pai Tau Street.  You'll be walking along Home Square for a bit (which should be on your right) and into the Shatin Government Offices building, which is on (Google Maps says) Sheung Wo Che Road.

3.  On Sheung Wo Che Road, walk along it until it comes to a dead end (which is less than a minute of walking).

4.  You should see a sign that directs you to the Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery.

5.  Follow the signs!

This was such a beautiful place!  It wasn't crowded because it isn't the typical tourist attraction, which I loved.  I think, just exploring this monastery is a good morning adventure.

WARNING:  There are tens of thousands of mosquitos that will bite you.  Bring mosquito repellent!!!!!