Thursday, May 22, 2014

Getting to Stanley

My mother visited Hong Kong in the 1970s and fell in love with Stanley Market!  So we went there to see how much it changed for her.

Stanley is a really great little area on the south of Hong Kong Island.  The area has quite a few areas to explore:  beaches, the market, historical buildings/temples, and a boardwalk of restaurants.  It is quite the tourist attraction.  It is also quite a far ways from Kowloon, where my parents are staying.  Being far is an ideal excuse for riding some of the awesome forms of transport that Hong Kong has to offer! 

Transportation "Itinerary"

1.  MTR Train Ride
---> To Tsim Sha Tsui (TST) Station

From TST Exit L6, you can follow the Star Ferry signs to get to to the TST Star Ferry Pier.  

2.  Star Ferry Ride
---> To Central Ferry Pier

There are only a few places where the TST ferries go, so it is easy to locate where the Central ferries are.  For over a decade, we've been living in Seattle, so my parents are pretty used to riding the Seattle ferries out to Bainbridge, the San Juan Islands, Victoria...  They quite enjoyed the Hong Kong ferry.  Heck, I still enjoy riding it when I can.

3.  Double-Decker Bus Ride
---> To Stanley

From the Central Ferry pier, it is about a 10 minute walk along the sky bridge to get to IFC Mall and Exchange Square II.  From Exchange Square II, catch any bus to Stanley (6, 6A, 6X, 66, 260).  It's a good opportunity to ride on the upper deck of the bus, for those of you who are only graced with one deck city buses.  BE WARNED:  The roads are windy and you will feel it more on the upper deck. 

We spent the morning wandering the Market, which opened up pretty early.  Though I was just here a few weeks ago, there always seems to be something interesting to find.  For one, I had never thought to actually check out the Murray House.  I knew there were restaurants there, but I found myself really amazed at the view from the upper decks, mesmerized by the architecture, and dazzled by the history.

Murray House
Prosciutto, cheese, olives
Beautiful pizza

We spent a few hours roaming the markets and walking around to see the beach area.  After lunch, we headed back into town.

4.  Mini Bus Ride
---> To Causeway Bay
From Stanley Beach, ask around and you can find the Mini Bus which takes you into Causeway Bay (Mini Bus 40).  The mini bus makes me feel like I am a doll riding in a toy bus, which is being "driven" by a toddler.  WARNING:  The ride may make some nauseous, but it is fun to experience...makes you stronger!

5.  Tram Ride
---> To Central
The terminal of Mini Bus 40 is on Tang Lung Street (in Causeway Bay).  From here, walk out onto Hennessey Road and you'll see the tram rails.  You can take a right or left to the nearest tram stations, then catch the tram heading Westbound (towards the Western Market, Shek Tong Tsui, or Kennedy Town). 

NEXT STOP ---> To Wherever Life Takes You Next

Other Hong Kong modes of transport to try:
1.  The Peak Tram
2.  The Cable Cars of Tung Chung 
3.  Jumbo's Floating Restaurant out in Aberdeen
4.  The Sampan around Victoria Harbour