Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Amazing Finds: Hong Kong

I've been living here for a few years now and have always found such wonderful and amazing things around every corner, but it wasn't until my folks came that I realized I have started to become jaded!  It isn't that big a deal, it was just a laughable moment to not realize some of the amazing things that were around me and I never thought were amazing.  I thought they were quite normal.  To share a few:

1.  Out in the villages of the New Territories, we came across this massive poster of a man's face.  

My father thought:  Woah, what's this doing out here!  Then he took a photo, which made me look back at what he was photographing.

At first, I thought:  What's this covering?  

Then my father said, "It's a huge advertisement."

My second thought:  How did it get out here?  I realized there was something really special about this massive poster/ad...and I thought it was great that so many things in this world can be reused.  

Then I realized, "He looks like Jesus!"

2.  Walking around Yuen Long:

My mother looked over to this bakery window and thought:  Oh look!  A family of pandas!

I looked over to where she was looking and said, "Would you like to get some pastries for breakfast tomorrow?"

My mother walked up to the window and started looking at everything, "Look at those!"

I then realize there were cute-ified bunches of breads in the window.  I probably walked by this place every week and not even noticed they had pandas or smiling bread men in the windows.  But, I took a photo to capture this amazing find.

3.  Walking around Hong Kong feels like a barren dessert now...it's hot.  Seems like the entire city is sweating because of the heat.  So, we bought some packets of tissues at the supermarket.

My father said, "What's that on the packet?"

I open the pack and toss over the tissue packet and thought:  Tempo.  Like the temples of your head.  It's like a tissue to sop up the sweat dripping from your temples.

My father said, "Is that a water droplet?"

I look at the packet and realized there was a drop of water riding on a giraffe.  And there is a goldfish riding around in the belly of this drop of water.  Then I thought:  That's a bit odd...

Then we realized the were were more interesting things on the other packets:

It's nice to see the humor in things!

4.  This was actually taken on one of the first days my parents were here.  This is one of the domed ceilings of Harbour City.  I think this is in the Gateway Arcade.

My father was looking up, "Woah, I gotta take a photo of that."

I looked up and realized there was a beautiful stained glass mosaic on the ceiling.  It's so beautiful and I realized that I probably noticed it before, but never really thought it was anything special.  But, it made me take a second look at the architecture around the city more.  There is so much detail in some things; it is amazing!

5.  Out in one of the villages of Kam Tin:

I walked over to this pond and said, "Look a pond."

My mother said, "It has turtles in it."

I realized there were loads of turtles in the pond.  It was amazing to realize how at first sight they were camouflaged to my bare eyes!

The my father starts photographing these turtles.

I said, "Oh, they are like Jack and Rose."  I was amazed to find this Titanic reference out here in Kam Tim.

Looking at Hong Kong through someone else's eyes is so amazing!  They see things that you might miss.  They make you notice things that you haven't noticed before.  And they make you rediscover the wonders of your own city!