Wednesday, May 21, 2014

A Day in TST

For the next couple of weeks, I challenged myself to show my parents something interesting and, HOPEFULLY, different about Hong Kong.  Since this was their first full day in this beautiful city, I thought it would be nice to spend a relaxing day in TST (Tsim Sha Tsui).

9:00-ish - 10:00-ish am
Leisurely Stroll
Starting from the Star Ferry, Hong Kong Island's skyline is a wonderful place to introduce someone to Hong Kong.  The old clock tower from the old TST train station is a great place to take snapshots of family and friends.  And the ferries are always fascinating to watch.  Conveniently, you can then hop into Harbour City (which has the much needed air conditioning to boost the stamina), do some window shopping, then exit and walk along Canton Road.  

We took a short cut  through Kowloon Park, which has many activities that can extend anyone's day (swimming, bird watching, museums, picnic areas, rose gardens, etc), to Nathan Road.

The road-side flowers of Harbour City along Canton Road

The flora of Kowloon Park

One of the fountains of Kowloon Park

11:00-ish - 12:00-ish pm
This is one of the canteens that I had on my list of THINGS I MUST SHOW MY FAMILY WHEN THEY COME TO VISIT.  It's a lovely Old Hong Kong Styled Canteen with images of famous Old Hong Kong celebrities on the walls, cozy small tables where you can share table space with other people (which my father enjoyed because he likes talking to everyone under the sun), and where you can get some Hong Kong CLASSIC canteen foods (English Menu available).

Lan Fong Yuen in Woodhouse on Nathan Road

Egg, "sausage" or hot dog, slice of ham, and iced lemon water

Toast with butter and condensed milk on top

12:00-ish - 2:00-ish pm
Kowloon Park's Heritage Discovery Centre
Kowloon Park houses one of Hong Kong's beautiful heritage buildings!  The Heritage Discovery Centre is a great place to learn about the history of the city (ancient culture, archeological findings, the changing city-scape, renovation of historical buildings, etc).

The courtyard 
Main exhibit

Artifacts room

Learning about plate designs

Postal exhibit

3-ish - whenever pm
Afternoon of shopping, afternoon tea, or what have you!
We decided to have a blissful-coffee-indulgent afternoon tea time at Starbucks.  We tried some of the Hong Kong Starbucks specialty coffees and then spent the afternoon shopping around Grandville, Carnarvon and Cameron Roads.