Monday, May 12, 2014

Food Adventures, Japan

Current City:  Osaka

Over the course of the past few weeks, my husband and I have been on a Y.O.L.O. mentality [Y.O.L.O. = You Only Live Once].  We want to try everything, do everything, and see everything at least once!  (I know this is a bit repetitive...but it's true!)  

This blog post is dedicated to our food adventures.

**NOTE:  The photos do these dishes no justice!**

Seared Tuna


Beef Curry

Seafood Okonimiyaki

Shabu Shabu

Toast with a Hard-boiled Egg and Tea

Vegan Burger with Fries and a Side of Salad

Ramen with Char Siu

Vegetable Curry

Egg and Chicken Donburi with Miso

Matcha and Sake Soft-Served Ice Creams

Beef Bowl

Kobe Beef Yakiniku

Someone told me that Osaka was known for their Takoyaki and that Hiroshima was known for their Okonomiyaki.  I learned through our Gion tour that Kyoto was known for their dumplings...but is Kyoto STILL known for their dumplings?  And what type of food is Miyajimi known for...since it was also a stop along our journey through the Kansai region of Japan?