Thursday, May 8, 2014

Postcard from Osaka

Current City:  Osaka

We spent a pleasant last day in Kyoto, chilling, reading, and eating our last Kyoto meals.  Then we caught the train into Osaka and were greeted with the lights of the city!  So far, it has been an evening of searching for food and wandering the streets.  There are so many things that attract the eye here!

Glico Man running on the right

Wonderfully creative street lamps

The shopping arcade near our hostel
I haven't posted about food so much because I hope to have a post dedicated to food sometime soon.  But, for dinner, we decided to go the breakfast route.  We found this cute little shop that served pancakes.  They also had the cutest tea pots I have ever seen lining their eating bar.  It was a nice change!

Our dinner spot

Everything on the menu looked divine
--> A parade of tea pots! <--


French Toast
It was a good sweet dinner and a great evening stroll.  Overall, our first night in Osaka...was very relaxing!