Thursday, August 28, 2014

Biking Yuen Long - Tuen Mun

Awhile ago, I mentioned that Yuen Long was THE PLACE for bike riding because there are loads of trails that lead to other places in the New Territories.  The trails go through old villages, past places like The Wetland Park, and runs along rivers, the Light Rail, and industrial's a great way to explore the New Territories (West Side).

Because the weather is getting cooler, I asked my friend to go on a bike ride with me.  I thought I would go along the Light Rail from the Shui Pin Wai stop towards the general direction of Tuen Mun.  

If you don't have a bike, there are various places in Yuen Long to rent a bike.  We rented bikes right under Long Ping MTR Station.  They were $50 HKD for the day and we just had to return the bikes by 8pm.  We also got a complimentary bottle of water for our ride.

A safe ride out, in my opinion, is to follow the Light Rail.  

The bike path is as smooth as it can be.  I tried skateboarding out here and it wasn't the most pleasant, but there were smooth patches along the way.  The bike paths were quite free from bike traffic, which made it great for us.  We took our time and snapped a few shots of "Yuen Long - Tuen Mun 2014".

"Yuen Long - Tuen Mun 2014"??

Explanation:  I always get sentimental over the changes in life.  A lot of the time, I see old photographs of Hong Kong and am just in awe at how much changed.  Anyhow, today was one of those days when I felt like being one of those people to capture Yuen Long - Tuen Mun in the late summer/early autumn of 2014.

Stream near Hung Sui Kiu

Cool paintings along the path

Bike shop

An abandoned building along the path

The Miu Fat Buddhist Monastery

The NEW Miu Fat Buddhist Monastery right next to the old building

Our bike ride ended at the Monastery.  It was a good two hours out though.  I think, my next bike riding destination will be out to The Wetland Park.  That ride is smoother and also ends in an air-conditioned "Park".