Thursday, August 21, 2014

Malaysia Trip: Food Fest

I'm one of those crazy people who take photos of my food and email them to my family.  Food is just such an important part of of our basic necessities.  Anyhow, I thought I would just end my Malaysia Trip blogs with snapshots of the wonderful things we were so grateful to consume:


Middle Eastern food from a Food Market in Georgetown, Penang

Middle Eastern dish from the Food Market

Green Apple and Guava juice, Orange and Mango juice from the Food Market

A selection of fruits and some sort of sauce at the same Food Market in Georgetown, Penang
Hainan chicken

Snacks from Little India

Oysters from The Ship 
Baked potato, steak, corn on the cob, and broccoli from The Ship

Some beef dishes with medicinal soup (I think)

The most delicious spicy fish-n-chips I've ever tasted

Cheese slathered fish

Lime and Carrot Juice

Orange juice, Garden Salad, and Carrot juice

Delicious burger
The snacks we tried whilst in Langkawi

One of the many durian chocolates we bought for gifts and personal consumption

Another snack that we bought for our beach days
Iced tea and beer from Orkid Ria Seafood Restaurant

Shrimp dish at Okrid Ria Seafood Restaurant

Mixed veggies
Beef curry

Fried rice and chicken

Coffee and pistachio gelato 

Fruit from the Mardi Agrotechnology Park 

Orange and Carrot juice (I fell in love with carrots on this trip)

Malaysian noodles

Papaya salad
Bamboo clams

Spicy clams
This blog, like most food posts, has made me hungry...