Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Malaysia Trip: Kuah Town

Every time I move to a new place, I always get excited to explore the area and get my bearings.  It's a trait that my father probably passed along to me.  Basically, I step out the front door of my place and walk straight in one direction and then straight back.  Then, on another day, I will select another direction and walk straight back.  And so it goes...

We found Kuah Town (the actual epicenter of the town) on the third day that we arrived on Langkawi.  The first day, we explored the little town area around our hotel.  The second day we walked in the direction of Jetty Point and Eagle Square.  So, discovering Kuah Town (which was only a 5 minute walk from our hotel) was awesome because it gave us so many new options for food!

The day we actually walked into Kuah Town, it was a Saturday, so we walked into the weekend Night Market being set up.  And you know how much I adore Night Markets!

Food stalls along the river

Night Market setting up in front of the Langkawi Baron Hotel
(Referring to the photo above)  On Langkawi, there are a group of hotel/resorts under the Baron name. And the name so reminds me of Abel "The Baron" Rosnovski in Jeffrey Archer's Kane and Abel.  Has anyone else read this?  Anyhow, this Baron Hotel on the right of the photo is beautifully painted as the Malaysian flag and is quite a landmark for directioning yourself around the Town.

This Night Market was my favorite on this trip because of the huge selection of local street foods.  We went from stall to stall buying foods to try along the way.  And, like always, I thought it would be nice to share our journey.

Fruit juices and teas

Night Market setting up

A pancake or crepe-like snack

Some clothing vendors on the other side of the river

Beef, chicken, and lamb satay sticks

Papaya salad

Fried rice and noodles

Sausages and burgers
As you can probably tell, we were full by the time we hit the sausage stall.  I love street food!

The Night Market went beyond just the river.  In the center of Kuah Town, there were also stalls set up with similar food stalls and a lot more great things to see (Langkawi t-shirt booths, souvenir booths, accessory booths, etc...)  I think, because it was quite warm, temperature-wise, that trying all the different fruit juices was my favorite part about walking around the Night Market.  It was also a great way to cleanse the palate before trying something new.

By the time we got dessert, it was too dark to get a good foodie photo, but I hope this traveller's post about Kuah Town's Night Market does some justice!